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561-963-37 FLIGHT SCHOOL in Palm Beach Gardens 37


We are a FAA Part 61 Flight School. This allows us the independence to offer one on one instruction where we are focused on our students getting quality flight instruction and being the safest pilots they can be. You pay as you go with us no money up front. We work with in your budget and around your schedule.

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We have all your pilot supplies!

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About Us

Pilot Shop

We are the Palm Beaches only pilot shop. We strive to have all the items that pilots, student pilots and airplane owners need on a daily basis in stock and need now! We carry items like headsets and accessories, kneebaords, calculators, sectional, supplements, logbooks, study guide and  education books. We carry items the airplane owner needs like, AeroShell oil, by the quart and case, oil filters, brake shoes, tires, batteries etc.

Learn to Fly

Attaining your private pilot certificate is one of the most fulfilling accomplishments you will do as a individual.  We are a part 61 flight school and we can take you from your private pilots license right though your commercial rating if you would like to purse an aviation career. We are a traditional flight school. We offer one on one instruction, not one size fits all. Also, with us you pay as you go, no upfront cost or fees!

Airplane rentals

We strive to have the best maintained airplanes for pilots to rent.We also offer leaseback arrangement for those that have airplanes on the field but are not flying enough to justify the cost. You can actually fly for free, talk to us and see if this could work for you.


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Flight school and Pilot shop

We offer flight lessons, airplane rentals, and we are Palm Beach County's ONLY pilot shop. We carry most of the supplies for Pilot, Student pilots and aircraft owners need on a regular basis.


2633 LANTANA RD, #2, LANTANA, FL 33462, US

(561) 963-3737


Pilot Shop

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 9am-1pm

Sunday: 9am-1pm

Hours can change during TFR's because of President Trump visit.